Please see the fragment files in the changelog.d directory.

6.0.11 - 2023-12-10

  • Resolve cgi module deprecation warnings. (#330)

6.0.10 - 2022-05-21

  • Populate <summary> correctly if it comes after <content>. (#260)

6.0.9 - 2022-05-19

  • Fix a crash that can occur with GeoRSS feeds that lack a <where> tag. (#305)

6.0.8 - 2021-06-22

  • Fix the name and link to the chardet module in the documentation. (#280)

    No code changed in this hotfix, only documentation.

6.0.7 - 2021-06-21

  • Catch urllib.error.URLError to prevent crashes. (#239)

6.0.6 - 2021-06-15

  • Prevent an AttributeError that occurs when a server returns HTTP 3xx but doesn’t include a Location header as well. (#267)

6.0.5 - 2021-06-14

  • Prevent a TypeError crash that may occur when including a username and password in the feed URL. (#276)

6.0.4 - 2021-06-13

  • Prevent a UnicodeDecodeError crash that may occur when the title element’s type attribute exists but is empty. (#277)

  • Prevent a UnicodeEncodeError crash that may occur if the URL contains Unicode characters in the path. (#273)

6.0.3 - 2021-06-12

  • Fix an issue with the HTTP request status on Python >= 3.9.

6.0.2 - 2020-10-25

  • Stop building Python wheels with universal=1 set. (#251)

    This was causing pip to find and install the feedparser 6.x wheels on Python 2 even though Python 2 is no longer supported.

  • Fix a bug that put a trailing quote in the documentation version. (#232)

  • Update the documentation URL to point to ReadTheDocs.

6.0.1 - 2020-09-15 [YANKED]

  • Remove all Python 2 compatibility code (#228)

  • Add python_requires to (#231)

6.0.0 - 2020-09-12 [YANKED]

  • Support Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9

  • Drop support for Python 2.4 through 2.7, and Python 3.0 through 3.5 (#169)

  • Convert feedparser from a monolithic file to a package

  • feedparser.parse(sanitize_html=bool) argument replaces the feedparser.SANITIZE_HTML global

  • feedparser.parse(resolve_relative_uris=bool) replaces the feedparser.RESOLVE_RELATIVE_URIS global

  • Unify the codebase so that 2to3 conversion is no longer required

  • Remove references to iconv_codecs

  • Update the Creative Commons namespace URI’s

  • Update the default User-Agent name and URL

  • Support Middle European (Summer) Time timezones (#20)

  • Pass data to lazy_chardet_encoding() (#50)

  • Document that datetimes are returned in UTC (#51)

  • Remove cjkpython references in the documentation (#57)

  • Resolve ResourceWarnings thrown during unit tests (#170)

  • Fix tox build failures (#213)

  • Use base64.decodebytes() directly to support Python 3.9 (#201)

  • Fix Python 3.8 urllib.parse.splittype() deprecation warning (#211)

  • Support parsing colons in RFC822 timezones (#144)

  • Add chardet as an optional tox environment dependency

  • Fix the Big5 unit test that fails when chardet is installed (#184)

5.2.1 - 2015-07-23

  • Fix #22 (pip package keeps upgrading all the time)

5.2.0 - 2015-04-16

  • Support PyPy

  • Remove the HTTP Status 9001 test that caused unit test tracebacks

  • Remove the completely-untested HTML tidy code

  • Remove BeautifulSoup as a dependency

  • Remove the XFN microformat parsing code

  • Remove the rel_enclosure microformat parsing code

  • Remove the rel_hcard microformat parsing code

  • Remove the rel_tag microformat parsing code

  • Replace the regex-based RFC 822 date parser with a procedural one

  • Replace the Python-licensed W3DTF date parser

  • Support HTML5 audio/source/video element relative URL’s

  • Remove the unparsed itunes_keywords key from the result dictionary

  • Fix issue 321 just a little more (yet another code path was missed)

  • Issue 62 (support georss and gml namespaces)

  • Issue 296 (GUID’s are always treated like relative URI’s)

  • Issue 334 (media:restriction element content is not returned)

  • Issue 335 (sub-elements of media:group are not parsed and returned)

  • Issue 342 (support multiple dc:creator elements)

  • Issue 357 (loose parser breaks ampersands in link element URL’s)

  • Issue 374 (support the Podlove Simple Chapters namespace)

  • Issue 380 (support media:rating element)

  • Issue 384 (fix chardet support in Python 3)

  • Issue 389 (elements in unknown uppercase namespaces are ignored)

  • Issue 392 (tags element subverts ‘tags’ key in result dictionary)

  • Issue 396 (Podlove Simple Chapters version 1.0 causes a KeyError)

  • Issue 399 (docs call request_headers parameter extra_headers)

  • Issue 401 (support additional dcterms and media namespaces elements)

  • Issue 404 (support asctime datetime strings with timezone information)

  • Issue 407 (decode forward slashes encoded as character entities)

  • Issue 421 (delay chardet invocation as long as possible)

  • Issue 422 (add return types docstrings)

  • Issue 433 (update the list of allowed MathML elements and attributes)

5.1.3 - 2012-12-09

  • Consolidated and simplified the character encoding detection code

  • Issue 346 (the gb2312 encoding isn’t always upgraded to gb18030)

  • Issue 350 (HTTP Last-Modified example is incorrect in documentation)

  • Issue 352 (importing lxml.etree changes what exceptions libxml2 throws)

  • Issue 356 (add support for the HTML5 attributes poster and preload)

  • Issue 364 (enclosure-sniffing microformat code can throw ValueError)

  • Issue 373 (support RFC822-ish dates with swapped days and months)

  • Issue 376 (uppercase ‘X’ in hex character references cause ValueError)

  • Issue 382 (don’t strip inline user:password credentials from FTP URL’s)

5.1.2 - 2012-05-03

  • Minor changes to the documentation

  • Strip potentially dangerous ENTITY declarations in encoded feeds

  • feedparser will now try to continue parsing despite compression errors

  • Fix issue 321 a little more (the initial fix missed a code path)

  • Issue 337 (_parse_date_rfc822() returns None on single-digit days)

  • Issue 343 (add magnet links to the ACCEPTABLE_URI_SCHEMES)

  • Issue 344 (handle deflated data with no headers nor checksums)

  • Issue 347 (support itunes:image elements with a url attribute)

5.1.1 - 2011-03-20

  • Fix mistakes, typos, and bugs in the unit test code

  • Fix crash in Python 2.4 and 2.5 if the feed has a UTF_32 byte order mark

  • Replace the RFC822 date parser for more extensibility

  • Issue 304 (handle RFC822 dates with timezones like GMT+00:00)

  • Issue 309 (itunes:keywords should be split by commas, not whitespace)

  • Issue 310 (pubDate should map to published, not updated)

  • Issue 313 (include the compression test files in

  • Issue 314 (far-flung RFC822 dates don’t throw OverflowError on x64)

  • Issue 315 (HTTP server for unit tests runs on

  • Issue 321 (malformed URIs can cause ValueError to be thrown)

  • Issue 322 (HTTP redirect to HTTP 304 causes SAXParseException)

  • Issue 323 (installing chardet causes 11 unit test failures)

  • Issue 325 (map description_detail to summary_detail)

  • Issue 326 (Unicode filename causes UnicodeEncodeError if locale is ASCII)

  • Issue 327 (handle RFC822 dates with extraneous commas)

  • Issue 328 (temporarily map updated to published due to issue 310)

  • Issue 329 (escape backslashes in Windows path in docs/introduction.rst)

  • Issue 331 (don’t escape backslashes that are in raw strings in the docs)

5.1 - 2011-12-02

  • Extensive, extensive unit test refactoring

  • Convert the Docbook documentation to ReST

  • Include the documentation in the source distribution

  • Consolidate the disparate README files into one

  • Support Jython somewhat (almost all unit tests pass)

  • Support Python 3.2

  • Fix Python 3 issues exposed by improved unit tests

  • Fix international domain name issues exposed by improved unit tests

  • Issue 148 (loose parser doesn’t always return unicode strings)

  • Issue 204 (FeedParserDict behavior should not be controlled by assert)

  • Issue 247 (mssql date parser uses hardcoded tokyo timezone)

  • Issue 249 (KeyboardInterrupt and SystemExit exceptions being caught)

  • Issue 250 (updated can be a 9-tuple or a string, depending on context)

  • Issue 252 (running in Python 3 fails due to missing sgmllib)

  • Issue 253 (document that text/plain content isn’t sanitized)

  • Issue 260 (Python 3 doesn’t decompress gzip’ed or deflate’d content)

  • Issue 261 (popping from empty tag list)

  • Issue 262 (docs are missing from distribution files)

  • Issue 264 (vcard parser crashes on non-ascii characters)

  • Issue 265 (http header comparisons are case sensitive)

  • Issue 271 (monkey-patching sgmllib breaks other libraries)

  • Issue 272 (can’t pass bytes or str to parse() in Python 3)

  • Issue 275 (_parse_date() doesn’t catch OverflowError)

  • Issue 276 (mutable types used as default values in parse())

  • Issue 277 (python3 install fails)

  • Issue 281 (_parse_date() doesn’t catch ValueError)

  • Issue 282 (_parse_date() crashes when passed None)

  • Issue 285 (crash on empty xmlns attribute)

  • Issue 286 (‘apos’ character entity not handled properly)

  • Issue 289 (add an option to disable microformat parsing)

  • Issue 290 (Blogger’s invalid img tags are unparseable)

  • Issue 292 (atom id element not explicitly supported)

  • Issue 294 (‘categories’ key exists but raises KeyError)

  • Issue 297 (unresolvable external doctype causes crash)

  • Issue 298 (nested nodes clobber actual values)

  • Issue 300 (performance improvements)

  • Issue 303 (unicode characters cause crash during relative uri resolution)

  • Remove “Hot RSS” support since the format doesn’t actually exist

  • Remove the old website files from the source

  • Remove the feedparser command line interface

  • Remove the Zope interoperability hack

  • Remove extraneous whitespace

5.0.1 - 2011-02-20

  • Fix issue 91 (invalid text in XML declaration causes sanitizer to crash)

  • Fix issue 254 (sanitization can be bypassed by malformed XML comments)

  • Fix issue 255 (sanitizer doesn’t strip unsafe URI schemes)

5.0 - 2011-01-25

  • Improved MathML support

  • Support microformats (rel-tag, rel-enclosure, xfn, hcard)

  • Support IRIs

  • Allow safe CSS through sanitization

  • Allow safe HTML5 through sanitization

  • Support SVG

  • Support inline XML entity declarations

  • Support unescaped quotes and angle brackets in attributes

  • Support additional date formats

  • Added the request_headers argument to parse()

  • Added the response_headers argument to parse()

  • Support multiple entry, feed, and source authors

  • Officially make Python 2.4 the earliest supported version

  • Support Python 3

  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes

4.2 - 2008-03-12

  • Support for parsing microformats, including rel=enclosure, rel=tag, XFN, and hCard.

  • Updated the whitelist of acceptable HTML elements and attributes based on the latest draft of the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) 5 specification.

  • Support for CSS sanitization. (Previous versions of Universal Feed Parser simply stripped all inline styles.) Many thanks to Sam Ruby for implementing this, despite my insistence that it was impossible.

  • Support for SVG sanitation.

  • Support for MathML sanitation. Many thanks to Jacques Distler for patiently debugging this feature.

  • IRI (International Resource Identifier) support for every element that can contain a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

  • Ability to disable relative URI resolution.

  • Command-line arguments and alternate serializers, for manipulating Universal Feed Parser from shell scripts or other non-Python sources.

  • More robust parsing of author email addresses, misencoded win-1252 content, rel=self links, and better detection of HTML content in elements with ambiguous content types.

4.1 - 2006-01-11

  • Removed socket timeout

  • Added support for chardet library

4.0.2 - 2005-12-24

  • Cleared _debug flag.

4.0.1 - 2005-12-24

  • Bug fixes for Python 2.1 compatibility.

4.0 - 2005-12-23

  • Support for relative URIs in xml:base attribute

  • Fixed encoding issue with mxTidy (phopkins)

  • Preliminary support for RFC 3229

  • Support for Atom 1.0

  • Support for iTunes extensions

  • New ‘tags’ for categories/keywords/etc. as array of dict {‘term’: term, ‘scheme’: scheme, ‘label’: label} to match Atom 1.0 terminology

  • Parse RFC 822-style dates with no time

  • Lots of other bug fixes

3.3 - 2004-07-15

  • Optimize EBCDIC to ASCII conversion

  • Fix obscure problem tracking xml:base and xml:lang if element declares it, child doesn’t, first grandchild redeclares it, and second grandchild doesn’t

  • Refactored date parsing

  • Defined public registerDateHandler so callers can add support for additional date formats at runtime

  • Added support for OnBlog, Nate, MSSQL, Greek, and Hungarian dates (ytrewq1)

  • Added zopeCompatibilityHack() which turns FeedParserDict into a regular dictionary, required for Zope compatibility, and also makes command line debugging easier because pprint module formats real dictionaries better than dictionary-like objects

  • Added NonXMLContentType exception, which is stored in bozo_exception when a feed is served with a non-XML media type such as ‘text/plain’

  • Respect Content-Language as default language if not xml:lang is present

  • Cloud dict is now FeedParserDict

  • Generator dict is now FeedParserDict

  • Better tracking of xml:lang, including support for xml:lang=’’ to unset the current language

  • Recognize RSS 1.0 feeds even when RSS 1.0 namespace is not the default namespace

  • Don’t overwrite final status on redirects (scenarios: redirecting to a URL that returns 304, redirecting to a URL that redirects to another URL with a different type of redirect)

  • Add support for HTTP 303 redirects

3.2 - 2004-07-03

  • Use cjkcodecs and iconv_codec if available

  • Always convert feed to UTF-8 before passing to XML parser

  • Completely revamped logic for determining character encoding and attempting XML parsing (much faster)

  • Increased default timeout to 20 seconds

  • Test for presence of Location header on redirects

  • Added tests for many alternate character encodings

  • Support various EBCDIC encodings

  • Support UTF-16BE and UTF16-LE with or without a BOM

  • Support UTF-8 with a BOM

  • Support UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE with or without a BOM

  • Fixed crashing bug if no XML parsers are available

  • Added support for ‘Content-encoding: deflate’

  • Send blank ‘Accept-encoding: ‘ header if neither gzip nor zlib modules are available

3.1 - 2004-06-28

  • Added and passed tests for converting HTML entities to Unicode equivalents in illformed feeds (aaronsw)

  • Added and passed tests for converting character entities to Unicode equivalents in illformed feeds (aaronsw)

  • Test for valid parsers when setting XML_AVAILABLE

  • Make version and encoding available when server returns a 304

  • Add handlers parameter to pass arbitrary urllib2 handlers (like digest auth or proxy support)

  • Add code to parse username/password out of url and send as basic authentication

  • Expose downloading-related exceptions in bozo_exception (aaronsw)

  • Added __contains__ method to FeedParserDict (aaronsw)

  • Added publisher_detail (aaronsw)

3.0.1 - 2004-06-22

  • Default to us-ascii for all text/* content types

  • Recover from malformed content-type header parameter with no equals sign (‘text/xml; charset:iso-8859-1’)

3.0 - 2004-06-21

  • Don’t try iso-8859-1 (can’t distinguish between iso-8859-1 and windows-1252 anyway, and most incorrectly marked feeds are windows-1252)

  • Fixed regression that could cause the same encoding to be tried twice (even if it failed the first time)

3.0fc3 - 2004-06-18

  • Fixed bug in _changeEncodingDeclaration that failed to parse utf-16 encoded feeds

  • Made source into a FeedParserDict

  • Duplicate admin:generatorAgent/@rdf:resource in generator_detail.url

  • Added support for image

  • Refactored parse() fallback logic to try other encodings if SAX parsing fails (previously it would only try other encodings if re-encoding failed)

  • Remove unichr madness in normalize_attrs now that we’re properly tracking encoding in and out of BaseHTMLProcessor

  • Set feed.language from root-level xml:lang

  • Set from rdf:about

  • Send Accept header

3.0fc2 - 2004-05-10

  • Added and passed Sam’s amp tests

  • Added and passed my blink tag tests

3.0fc1 - 2004-04-23

  • Made results.entries[0].links[0] and results.entries[0].enclosures[0] into FeedParserDict

  • Fixed typo that could cause the same encoding to be tried twice (even if it failed the first time)

  • Fixed DOCTYPE stripping when DOCTYPE contained entity declarations

  • Better textinput and image tracking in illformed RSS 1.0 feeds

3.0b23 - 2004-04-21

  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError for feeds that contain high-bit characters in attributes in embedded HTML in description (thanks Thijs van de Vossen)

  • Moved guid, date, and date_parsed to mapped keys in FeedParserDict

  • Tweaked FeedParserDict.has_key to return True if asking about a mapped key

3.0b22 - 2004-04-19

  • Changed ‘channel’ to ‘feed’, ‘item’ to ‘entries’ in results dict

  • Changed results dict to allow getting values with results.key as well as results[key]

  • Work around embedded illformed HTML with half a DOCTYPE

  • Work around malformed Content-Type header

  • If character encoding is wrong, try several common ones before falling back to regexes (if this works, bozo_exception is set to CharacterEncodingOverride)

  • Fixed character encoding issues in BaseHTMLProcessor by tracking encoding and converting from Unicode to raw strings before feeding data to sgmllib.SGMLParser

  • Convert each value in results to Unicode (if possible), even if using regex-based parsing

3.0b21 - 2004-04-14

  • Added Hot RSS support

3.0b20 - 2004-04-07

  • Added CDF support

3.0b19 - 2004-03-15

  • Fixed bug exploding author information when author name was in parentheses

  • Removed ultra-problematic mxTidy support

  • Patch to workaround crash in PyXML/expat when encountering invalid entities (MarkMoraes)

  • Support for textinput/textInput

3.0b18 - 2004-02-17

  • Always map description to summary_detail (Andrei)

  • Use libxml2 (if available)

3.0b17 - 2004-02-13

  • Determine character encoding as per RFC 3023

3.0b16 - 2004-02-12

  • Fixed support for RSS 0.90 (broken in b15)

3.0b15 - 2004-02-11

  • Fixed bug resolving relative links in wfw:commentRSS

  • Fixed bug capturing author and contributor URL

  • Fixed bug resolving relative links in author and contributor URL

  • Fixed bug resolving relative links in generator URL

  • Added support for recognizing RSS 1.0

  • Passed Simon Fell’s namespace tests, and included them permanently in the test suite with his permission

  • Fixed namespace handling under Python 2.1

3.0b14 - 2004-02-08

  • Fixed CDATA handling in non-wellformed feeds under Python 2.1

3.0b13 - 2004-02-08

  • Better handling of empty HTML tags (br, hr, img, etc.) in embedded markup, in either HTML or XHTML form (<br>, <br/>, <br />)

3.0b12 - 2004-02-06

  • Fiddled with decodeEntities (still not right)

  • Added support to Atom 0.2 subtitle

  • Added support for Atom content model in copyright

  • Better sanitizing of dangerous HTML elements with end tags (script, frameset)

3.0b11 - 2004-02-02

  • Added ‘rights’ to list of elements that can contain dangerous markup

  • Fiddled with decodeEntities (not right)

  • Liberalized date parsing even further

3.0b10 - 2004-01-31

  • Incorporated ISO-8601 date parsing routines from xml.util.iso8601

3.0b9 - 2004-01-29

  • Fixed check for presence of dict function

  • Added support for summary

3.0b8 - 2004-01-28

  • Added support for contributor

3.0b7 - 2004-01-28

  • Support Atom-style author element in author_detail (dictionary of ‘name’, ‘url’, ‘email’)

  • Map author to author_detail if author contains name + email address

3.0b6 - 2004-01-27

  • Added feed type and version detection, result[‘version’] will be one of SUPPORTED_VERSIONS.keys() or empty string if unrecognized

  • Added support for creativeCommons:license and cc:license

  • Added support for full Atom content model in title, tagline, info, copyright, summary

  • Fixed bug with gzip encoding (not always telling server we support it when we do)

3.0b5 - 2004-01-26

  • Fixed bug parsing multiple links at feed level

3.0b4 - 2004-01-26

  • Fixed xml:lang inheritance

  • Fixed multiple bugs tracking xml:base URI, one for documents that don’t define one explicitly and one for documents that define an outer and an inner xml:base that goes out of scope before the end of the document

3.0b3 - 2004-01-23

  • Parse entire feed with real XML parser (if available)

  • Added several new supported namespaces

  • Fixed bug tracking naked markup in description

  • Added support for enclosure

  • Added support for source

  • Re-added support for cloud which got dropped somehow

  • Added support for expirationDate

2.7.6 - 2004-01-16

  • Fixed bug with StringIO importing

2.7.5 - 2004-01-15

  • Added workaround for malformed DOCTYPE (seen on many sites)

  • Added _debug variable

2.7.4 - 2004-01-14

  • Added workaround for improperly formed <br/> tags in encoded HTML (skadz)

  • Fixed unicode handling in normalize_attrs (ChrisL)

  • Fixed relative URI processing for guid (skadz)

  • Added ICBM support

  • Added base64 support

2.7.1 - 2004-01-09

  • fixed bug handling &quot; and &apos;

  • Fixed memory leak not closing url opener (JohnD)

  • Added dc:publisher support (MarekK)

  • Added admin:errorReportsTo support (MarekK)

  • Python 2.1 dict support (MarekK)

2.7 - 2004-01-05

  • Really added support for trackback and pingback namespaces, as opposed to 2.6 when I said I did but didn’t really

  • Sanitize HTML markup within some elements

  • Added mxTidy support (if installed) to tidy HTML markup within some elements

  • Fixed indentation bug in _parse_date (FazalM)

  • Use socket.setdefaulttimeout if available (FazalM)

  • Universal date parsing and normalization (FazalM): ‘created’, modified’, ‘issued’ are parsed into 9-tuple date format and stored in ‘created_parsed’, ‘modified_parsed’, and ‘issued_parsed’

  • ‘date’ is duplicated in ‘modified’ and vice-versa

  • ‘date_parsed’ is duplicated in ‘modified_parsed’ and vice-versa

2.6 - 2004-01-01

  • dc:author support (MarekK)

  • Fixed bug tracking nested divs within content (JohnD)

  • Fixed missing sys import (JohanS)

  • Fixed regular expression to capture XML character encoding (Andrei)

  • Added support for Atom 0.3-style links

  • Fixed bug with textInput tracking

  • Added support for cloud (MartijnP)

  • Added support for multiple category/dc:subject (MartijnP)

  • Normalize content model: ‘description’ gets description (which can come from description, summary, or full content if no description), ‘content’ gets dict of base/language/type/value (which can come from content:encoded, xhtml:body, content, or fullitem)

  • Fixed bug matching arbitrary Userland namespaces

  • Added xml:base and xml:lang tracking

  • Fixed bug tracking unknown tags

  • Fixed bug tracking content when <content> element is not in default namespace (like Pocketsoap feed)

  • Resolve relative URLs in link, guid, docs, url, comments, wfw:comment, wfw:commentRSS

  • Resolve relative URLs within embedded HTML markup in description, xhtml:body, content, content:encoded, title, subtitle, summary, info, tagline, and copyright

  • Added support for pingback and trackback namespaces

2.5.3 - 2003-08-06

  • Patch to track whether we’re inside an image or textInput, and also to return the character encoding (if specified) (TvdV)

2.5.2 - 2003-07-28

  • Entity-decode inline xml properly

  • Added support for inline <xhtml:body> and <xhtml:div> as used in some RSS 2.0 feeds

2.5.1 - 2003-07-26

  • Clear opener.addheaders so we only send our custom User-Agent (otherwise urllib2 sends two, which confuses some servers) (RMK)

2.5 - 2003-07-25

  • Changed to Python license (all contributors agree)

  • Removed unnecessary urllib code – urllib2 should always be available anyway

  • Return actual url, status, and full HTTP headers (as result[‘url’], result[‘status’], and result[‘headers’]) if parsing a remote feed over HTTP this should pass all the HTTP tests at <>

  • Added the latest namespace-of-the-week for RSS 2.0

2.4 - 2003-07-09

2.3.1 - 2003-06-12

  • If item has both link and guid, return both as-is.

2.3 - 2003-06-11

  • Added USER_AGENT for default (if caller doesn’t specify)

  • Also, make sure we send the User-Agent even if urllib2 isn’t available. Match any variation of namespace.

2.2 - 2003-01-27

  • Added attribute support, admin:generatorAgent. start_admingeneratoragent is an example of how to handle elements with only attributes, no content.

2.1 - 2002-11-14

  • Added gzip support

2.0.2 - 2002-10-21

  • Added the inchannel to the if statement, otherwise its useless. Fixes the problem JD was addressing by adding it. (JB)

2.0.1 - 2002-10-21

  • Changed parse() so that if we don’t get anything because of etag/modified, return the old etag/modified to the caller to indicate why nothing is being returned

2.0 - 2002-10-19

  • Use inchannel to watch out for image and textinput elements which can also contain title, link, and description elements (JD)

  • Check for isPermaLink=’false’ attribute on guid elements (JD)

  • Replaced openAnything with open_resource supporting ETag and If-Modified-Since request headers (JD)

  • Parse now accepts etag, modified, agent, and referrer optional arguments (JD)

  • Modified parse to return a dictionary instead of a tuple so that any etag or modified information can be returned and cached by the caller (JD)

1.1 - 2002-09-29

  • Fixed infinite loop on incomplete CDATA sections

1.0 - 2002-09-27

  • Fixed namespace processing on prefixed RSS 2.0 elements

  • Added Simon Fell’s test suite