User-Agent and Referer Headers

Universal Feed Parser sends a default User-Agent string when it requests a feed from a web server.

The default User-Agent string looks like this:

UniversalFeedParser/5.0.1 +

If you are embedding Universal Feed Parser in a larger application, you should change the User-Agent to your application name and URL.

Customizing the User-Agent

>>> import feedparser
>>> d = feedparser.parse('',
... agent='MyApp/1.0 +')

You can also set the User-Agent once, globally, and then call the parse function normally.

Customizing the User-Agent permanently

>>> import feedparser
>>> feedparser.USER_AGENT = "MyApp/1.0 +"
>>> d = feedparser.parse('')

Universal Feed Parser also lets you set the referrer when you download a feed from a web server. This is discouraged, because it is a violation of RFC 2616. The default behavior is to send a blank referrer, and you should never need to override this.

Customizing the referrer

>>> import feedparser
>>> d = feedparser.parse('',
... referrer='')