A list of XFN relationships found in this entry’s HTML content.

Comes from

  • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:content
  • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:summary
  • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:content
  • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:summary
  • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/content:encoded
  • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:description
  • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:description
  • /rss/channel/item/body
  • /rss/channel/item/content:encoded
  • /rss/channel/item/dc:description
  • /rss/channel/item/description
  • /rss/channel/item/fullitem
  • /rss/channel/item/xhtml:body

entries[i].xfn is a list. Each list item represents a single person and may contain the following values:


A list of relationships for this person. Each list item is a string, either one of the constants defined in the XFN 1.1 profile or one of these variations.


The URI for this person.

If this is a relative URI, it is resolved according to a set of rules.


The name of this person, a string.